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Who We Are

OFisheries is an Omani fishery platform, subsidiary  of Taiseer (Omani Trading platform) specialized in trading and providing seafood and its derivatives by these terms.

Best Quality and Variety

Fresh, Frozen, Dried and Canned 

From Oman and around of the World to target countries

Facilitating and Organizing the process

Merchandising and Evaluating the best Fisheries

Maintain long term relationship between main suppliers and customers globally

OFisheries works on facilitating and organizing the process of merchandising and evaluating the best fisheries from suppliers with its experience and professional team to maintain long term relationship between main suppliers and customers globally.

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Our Products 

Main Categories


Our business model is unique not only in the Sultanate of Oman and the region, but also globally.


We provide you high quality and different varieties with  Best customer service through facilitating the full process as purchasing and logistics of any order

Fact About Fishing in Oman 

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