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OFisheries is a fishery trading company, platform specialized in trading and providing best quality and variety of fresh, frozen, dried and canned seafood and its derivatives from Oman and around of the world.

OFisheries works on facilitating and organizing the process of merchandising and evaluating the best fisheries from suppliers with its experience and professional team to maintain long term relationship between main suppliers and customers globally.

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  • Working with main suppliers.
  • Provide you high quality and variety.
  • Trying to provide Best customer service through facilitating the full process as purchasing and logistics of any order.
  • Our business model is unique not only in the Sultanate of Oman and the region, but also globally.

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Our Vision

Being one of the most reliable trading companies in the fisheries sector with comprehensive services and expertise in Oman and global markets.

Our Mission

We are working to provide the best and finest types of fish, according to international specifications, requirements and standards, through our partner customers around the world.

We are always looking for the finest fish in the world from the seas of Oman through the fishermen and professional specialized fish farms.
We work efficiently, in high spirits and in innovative ways, using advanced technology, sustainable and

Our Values

We are characterized by respect, honesty and ethical performance, as well as a spirit of commitment, responsibility and enthusiasm in working to contribute to the creation of a positive environment that motivates us to master the work and preserve the marine environment and adhere to international instructions and agreements for the protection of the marine environment.

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